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João Gil Figueira
João Gil Figueira


I am a British citizen, working in the Azores as a scuba diving instructor for the summer season, and returning back to the UK. I will be living and working here for a total of 125 days, and receiving only €700.00 per month for base salary (instructors are poorly paid :( ). I've received my first 'receibo de remuneracoes' for a total of €990, and have had 'descontos' of 11% for 'Seg. Social' AND 9.38% for I.R.S.

I have been reading about Non-resident taxpayers, and the tax returns, but am unsure if this applies to my situation.

My 2 questions are:
1) as I am only in Portugal temporarily (125 days) and earning a base salary of only €700.00 per month, are te 'Seg Social' and 'IRS' tax percentages correct? They seem high.

2) Is it possible to re-claim back tax as my total earnings for the 125 days will be less than €3000.00? If so, what is the process for re-claiming?

Thanks in advance.

by Charlie White on 30 Jul 2017 Read Answer
João Gil Figueira
João Gil Figueira

My husband and I are both retired and receiving UK pensions.
Out tax returns are submitted both in Portugal and the UK.
In the near future we hope to sell some land in the uk, our English Accountant says we are not liable for capital gains in the UK and our Portuguese accountant said we do not have to pay capital gains in Portugal, obviously we know we have to pay some where can you clarify this please.
Many thanks,

by susan disney on 18 May 2017 Read Answer
João Gil Figueira
João Gil Figueira

Hello there,
My husband and I considering to move to Portugal after his retirement. I understood that we have to apply for a Non habitual residentship to avoid to pay taxes on pension. Is that correct. what happens to private pension founds? Does the same rule applicable? Is that correct that these two types of income for retired people is free of tax in Portugal?

by Nadya Koopmans on 16 May 2017 Read Answer
João Gil Figueira
João Gil Figueira

I currently reside in Indonesia and work in Papua New Guinea, we (wife and three kids) are moving Portugal and I will still work in work in PNG. My contract will require me to be away for over half the year. What is the best course of action regarding tax, should I set up a company as a sole trader, self employed? We all have either Irish or English passports. Will I need to get paid into a Portuguese bank account? Do I have to declare overseas income if I am out of the country for more than a set time?
Regards, Daniel

by Daniel O'Neill on 26 Apr 2017 Read Answer
João Gil Figueira
João Gil Figueira

Hello Joao,
My husband lived and worked in Portugal for less than 180 days in 2016. His earnings were taxed in PT. As a non-resident, does he need to file taxes in PT? We paid US taxes on his PT income. If he does need to file in PT, is there a good translation of the relevant tax forms available or a translation available for the e-file tool on the Portal das Financas?

by Tara Gignac on 24 Mar 2017 Read Answer
João Gil Figueira
João Gil Figueira

Dear Sir,
I am receiving a United Nations disability benefit. If I moved to Portugal and became a resident, would my United Nations disability benefit be tax exempt, or would it be subject to tax?

by Alec Edwards on 03 Mar 2017 Read Answer
João Gil Figueira
João Gil Figueira

I'm an EU national (British) planning a move to Lisbon from New Zealand to work as self-employed. I already have a contract secured with a company based in New Zealand.

I roughly know what I need to do once I arrive to begin working legally;

1. Apply for social security and a tax number
2. Register as self-employed and get a Caderneta de Recibos Verdes
3. Apply for a residence permit

The problem I've been having is finding solid information on what documentation I need to bring to do this.

Do you happen to know what else, apart from my British passport, I need to bring to Portugal to become self-employed?

Thank you very much for spending time reading this, and any help you can provide.

Kind regards,
Nick Hines

by Nicholas Hines on 28 Jan 2017 Read Answer
João Gil Figueira
João Gil Figueira

My wife and I will be moving to Portugal, using the NHR regime. We have the choice of continuing with my business, and we understand that the income will be subject to Portuguese tax scale rates. However, we will be selling the business, probably within one or two years. We are equal partners in the business, which is not a limited company. In the UK we would have been taxed at 10%, so please would you explain how Portuguese tax would be calculated on the gain? Many thanks, David

by David Carter on 12 Oct 2016 Read Answer
João Gil Figueira
João Gil Figueira

I live and work in Lisbon and I have been paying my income taxes normally for 2 years now.
During 2016, I had an online business selling products on Amazon USA inside USA only (the products were located inside USA not in Portugal) , should this be included in the next IRS here in Portugal and if yes, what should be taxable amount, all my income or profit or what?
Note, Amazon is not collecting taxes from customers.
Your help is much appreciated,

by Eslam Tolba on 15 Sep 2016 Read Answer
João Gil Figueira
João Gil Figueira

Hi João,
First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this, any help would be really appreciated!
I have 2 questions regarding the vat system here in Portugal.
Here is my situation: I am a teacher online. I teach learners from all over the world. The company I work for is Spanish, but I use Recibos Verdes. I have no contract with the company and they pay a flat fee for hourly rates.
1. I have seen in a few places that Education is vat exempt, but in other places that you must charge vat after passing €10,000. Could you clarify the category of education regarding IVA?
2. I come from Ireland and if we purchase a service from another EU country we charge vat on the sales and the purchases, so that the final liability is zero. Is this the same in Portugal?
Thank you in advance,

by Amiee Shannnon on 02 Sep 2016 Read Answer

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