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Daniel McGonigle
Daniel McGonigle

Under double taxation treaty income tax on my UK Government Service Pension must be paid to the UK if I become a resident of Portugal. UK's tax is lower on the amount of my pension than Portugal's. Would the Portuguese tax authorities require me to pay them the difference between what I would otherwise have paid to Portugal and what I actually paid to UK? This would cost me an extra 5K euro if so! Thank you so much for your reply.

by Cathie Long on 01 Jul 2014 Read Answer
Daniel McGonigle
Daniel McGonigle

Hi Daniel,

I'm portuguese and I'm moving to Belgium. I will work as a self-employed. They told me to open a "one-man-company" so I can give them invoices on the amount of hours a month I work for them and they'll pay me based on that.
Can I open that kind of company in Portugal instead and give them the invoices from the Portuguese company? Would I pay taxis in both countries?
Which scenario is more advantageous?

Thank you very much!
Pedro Freire

by Pedro Freire on 14 Feb 2014 Read Answer
Daniel McGonigle
Daniel McGonigle

I want to do a Job in Porto in Business management ,finance or in Marketing but i don't know Portuguese language but i need to do a job so please advice me where i can find and how and in what sector ?

by Deepak Kumar on 14 Sep 2013 Read Answer

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