Public holidays in Portugal 2019 and other important Portuguese holidays

Public holidays in Portugal 2019 and other important Portuguese holidays

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Last update on January 08, 2019

Here is a list of Portuguese holidays in 2019, including official Portugal public holidays, Portugal’s school holidays, daylight savings, Mother’s and Father’s Days and other holidays in Portugal.

Both visitors and expats should take note of Portugal’s holidays as businesses typically close.

Many of Portugal’s bank holidays are national, although some are only celebrated regionally. In 2013, as part of its austerity measures, the government temporarily suspended four of Portugal’s public holidays until 2019: All Saints Day (1 November), Corpus Christi (60 days after Easter), Republic Day (5 October) and Restoration of Independence Day (5 December).

Unlike in some other countries, holidays in Portugal are observed the day on which they fall; if a national holiday falls on a Sunday it is not taken the next Monday. Additionally, there are widely celebrated Portuguese festivals, such as Carnival (Carnaval) on Shrove Tuesday, that are not an official holiday.

Portugal’s holidays are typically great times to experience local Portuguese festivals and experience regional food in Portugal. The word for public holidays in Portugal is feriado public.

Here is a list of the main Portuguese holidays in 2019, including bank holidays in Portugal and Portugal’s school holidays, you should mark on your calendar:

Portugal’s public holidays 2019

  • Tuesday, 1 January: New Year’s Day (Ano Novo)
  • Friday, 19 April: Good Friday (Sexta-feira Santa)
  • Sunday, 21 April: Easter Sunday
  • Thursday, 25 April: Freedom Day (Dia da Liberdade)
  • Wednesday, 1 May: Labour Day (Dia do Trabalhador)
  • Monday 10 June: Portugal National day (Dia de Portugal)
  • Thursday, 20 June: Corpus Christi (Corpo de Deus)
  • Monday, 24 June: St John’s Day (Porto, Braga, Figueira da Foz and Almada)
  • Saturday, 29 June: St Peter’s Day (celebrated in some regions)
  • Thursday, 15 August: Assumption of Mary (Assunção de Nossa Senhora)
  • Sunday, 8 September: Nativity of Mary (celebrated in some regions)
  • Saturday, 5 October: Republic Day (Implantação da República)
  • Friday, 1 November: All Saints’ Day (Todos os Santos)
  • Sunday, 1 December: Restoration of Independence Day (Restauração da Independência)
  • Sunday, 8 December: Immaculate Conception (Imaculada Conceição)
  • Tuesday, 24 December: Christmas Eve (Banks are closed)
  • Wednesday, 25 December: Christmas Day (Natal)

Local holidays in Portugal

  • Tuesday, 15 January: Municipal holiday, Santa Cruz
  • Tuesday, 22 January: Municipal holiday, Sao Vicente
  • Tuesday, 19 March: St Joseph’s Day, Santarem
  • Thursday, 11 April: Municipal holiday, Lagoa
  • Tuesday, 23 April: St George’s Day, Velas
  • Saturday, 25 May: Municipal holiday, Santana
  • Sunday, 26 May: Municipal holiday, Ponta Delgada (celebrated on the 5th Sunday after Easter)
  • Monday, 10 June: Azores Day (in Azores only)
  • Thursday, 13 June: St Anthony’s Day (in Lisbon only)
  • Thursday, 20 June: Municipal holiday, Corvo
  • Monday, 1 July: Madeira Day (in Madeira Island only)
  • Thursday, 4 July: St Elizabeth’s Day, Coimbra
  • Monday, 15 July: Municipal holiday, Lajes das Flores
  • Thursday, 18 July: Municipal holiday, Nordeste
  • Monday, 22 July: Municipal holiday, Porto Moniz and Madalena
  • Sunday, 11 August: Municipal holiday, Praia da Vitoria
  • Friday, 16 August: Municipal holiday, Sao Roque do Pico
  • Tuesday, 20 August: Municipal holiday, Viana do castelo
  • Wednesday, 21 August: Funchal City Day
  • Monday, 2 September: Municipal holiday, Povoacao
  • Saturday, 21 September: St Matthew’s Day in Viceu and Elvas
  • Friday, 4 October: Municipal holiday, Camara de Lobos
  • Wednesday, 9 October: Municipal holiday, Machico
  • Monday, 25 November: Saint Catherine’s Day, Calheta

Other important Portugal holidays

  • Tuesday, 5 March: Mardi Gras / Carnival (Carnaval)
  • Tuesday, 19 March: Father’s Day
  • Sunday, 31 March: Daylight Saving Time starts – clocks go forward one hour
  • Sunday, 5 May: Mother’s Day
  • Sunday, 27 October:  Daylight Savings Time ends – clocks go back one hour

For a list of other celebrations in Portugal, read Expatica’s guide to festivals in Portugal.

Portugal’s school holidays

Portuguese school holidays and term dates are set by the Ministry of Education in Portugal, although exact dates vary between regions and schools, so check with individual schools or through your Direcção Regional de Educação (Regional Education Authority). Private schools set their own school holidays.

In general, the school year starts around the second or third week of September; there’s a two-week Christmas school holiday starting around the 20 December, and a few days’ break is given for Mardi Gras/carnival in February. There is also a 10-day holiday around Easter. The long summer holiday starts early June. See our guide to school holidays in Portugal for more information.