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Portugal facts: Employment in Portugal

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Here is a short overview of the job market in Portugal.

A few facts about the Portuguese labour market (based on 2009):

  • Out of a total population of around 10.6 million, the working population was around 5.6 million, the employed population was about 5.1 million and the rate of unemployment was 9 percent.

  • According to the European Labour Force survey, rates of activity (74 percent) and employment (67 percent) in Portugal were above average (71 percent and 65 percent respectively).

  • Part-time work was only 12 percent of total employment and was particularly underused by women.

  • The number of employment agencies operating in the market was around 240.

  • Of the 500,000 people registered as unemployed at job centres, around 6 percent were unemployed foreign nationals.

  • Agriculture, forestry and fishing made up 11 percent of the employed population, industry, building, power and water made up 28.5 percent, and services made up 61 percent.

  • The establishment of the new Call and Contact Centres and Shared Services Centres supporting a number of multinationals in Portugal has begun to create jobs.

  • Public services represented a significant proportion of existing jobs (20 percent), including public administration, defence, social security, education, health and social support work.

  • The manufacturing industry (17 percent), though not the most dynamic sector of the economy, contributed to the creation of wealth in the country, particularly because it is export-oriented (information and communication technologies, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, automobiles, electronics, chemicals).

  • However, creation of new jobs was decreasing. In the final months, compared to the beginning of 2009, the number of layoffs and collective redundancies was stabilising. There is still a threat of some factory closures, in particular in the electrical industries.

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