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IND Contact - IND amsterdam

Contacting the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND)


The IND implements immigration policy in the Netherlands. This article provides contact information for IND centres in cities such as Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Den Bosh, and Rotterdam.

Dutch entry visa and temporary residence permits

Dutch provisional residence permits (MVV) and temporary residence permits


Certain nationalities require a Dutch visa to enter the Netherlands, plus a Dutch residence permit to live in the Netherlands for longer than three months.

Guide to Dutch visas and permits

Moving to the Netherlands: Guide to Dutch visas and permits


Which Dutch visa or permit do you need to visit, live, work or study in the Netherlands? Here's an essential guide to apply for the correct Dutch visa or permit for your individual situation.


Preparing supporting documents for Dutch visa and permit applications


Learn about the process of getting your documents certified before applying for residency in the Netherlands.

Re-entry visa for returning to the Netherlands

Re-entry visa for returning to the Netherlands


If you leave the Netherlands and your Dutch visa expires while you're abroad, you will need a return visa to re-enter the Netherlands.

Short-stay visa for visiting the Netherlands

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Certain nationalities require a tourist visa to stay in the Netherlands for up to three months, or a transit visa even if only passing through en route to another country.

Civic integration exam preparation no longer free

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From 2013, migrants with regular residence permits who are obliged to sit the civic integration exam will have to pay for the necessary preparation.

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