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Van Gogh killer wanted to die as a martyr

Published on January 26, 2005

26 January 2005

AMSTERDAM — Mohammed B. wants to be held fully responsible for his action, his defence lawyer has told a court. Over the last three months since the brutal murder of  filmmaker and Muslim critic Theo van Gogh,  B. has maintained his right to silence.

B., 26 and with dual Dutch and Moroccan nationality, was not present for the first preliminary hearing into the case in the high-security Amsterdam-Osdorp courthouse on Wednesday.

Defence lawyer Peter Plasman said his client can and wants to be held responsible for his actions. “I made a decision and I acted accordingly,” Plasman said, quoting his client.

Plasman said B. intended to die on the day Van Gogh was murdered, or in his client’s own words, “to fall in battle”.

B. was wounded in the leg during a shoot out with police in the east of Amsterdam on 2 November last year. Moments earlier, Van Gogh was shot and stabbed to death. His throat was cut and a letter was pinned to his body with a knife.

B. was carrying a self-penned suicide poem in which he indicated he wanted to die as a martyr for Islam.

Prosecutor Frits van Straelen told the court B. left a total of four letters to say goodbye to with friends and family in which he indicated his intention to die. In the letter to his family he indicated he had “opted to fulfill his duty to Allah so that his soul would go to paradise in exchange”.

Plasman opposed the prosecution’s call to have B. examined by psychiatrists in the Pieter Baan Centre in Utrecht. The court ruled that he should be sent to the PBC for an assessment and that a second procedural hearing should take place after that, probably in three months. 

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