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Teenagers to participate in Gay Pride

Published on February 12, 2007

12 February 2007

AMSTERDAM — A majority of Amsterdam’s residents (53 percent) don’t have anything against the so-called “16 and over Boat” that will carry teenage participants in this year’s Gay Pride festivities, a survey by O+S Bureau has shown.

The survey, commissioned by the local TV channel AT5, came as a result of Mayor Job Cohen’s doubts about involving “that vulnerable group” in the annual procession. The mayor’s doubts were dispelled last week when it was announced that the children’s parents will ride in the same boat.

Most probably, no boats will be banned from taking part in the Gay Pride and the police will have to stay doubly alert so that no minors are exposed to adult exhibitionism, De Volkskrant writes.

The Centre for Culture and Leisure (COC), the organisation which protects gay and lesbian rights, were happy about Mayor Cohen’s positive attitude. “Finally, young gays are also being given a chance to openly express their view along with people who share the same sexual preference”, COC chairman Frank van Dalen said.

It is still unclear what the results of the survey would be had the O+S asked the public’s opinion on the “11 and over Boat”. Meanwhile, this is what the boat will be in reality as children aged 11 through 13 may also take part, according to the organisers.

Gay Pride will take place in Amsterdam on 3-5 August this year.

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