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Dutch news in brief, 22 May 2006

Published on May 22, 2006

Cops join gay parade

Gay police officers are to march in uniform during the annual Pink Saturday Parade in Zwolle on 24 June. Previous attempts to have gay officers participate in uniform have been blocked by their superiors. The change is intended as a sign the police do not discriminate and an encouragement to recruit more gay people.

Preacher keeps job despite anti-Semitic sermon

A cleric who made anti-Semitic remarks in a sermon at the ‘Messias’ church in Wassenaar has been given permission to stay in his position. This is conditional on him reconciling with his fellow pastors and the community, the church council said on Sunday. The Centre Information and Documentation on Israel (CIDI) had asked the church to remove him from duty after a sermon in which he made derogatory remarks about Jews. At one point he referred to Matthew’s description in the Bible of Jews as “the complete opposite of God’s intentions”. He also described them as “traitors” and suggested Adolf Hitler’s views on Jews were in line with the Bible.

Expedition to trace Dodo’s life and death

An international team is travelling to Mauritius to investigate what caused the disappearance of the Dodo and its ecosystem, the Naturalis in Leiden said on Monday. The researchers also hope to find fossils and remains to help answer the question what led the bird to become “as dead as a Dodo”.

Eurovision damages Euro feeling

The poor showing of the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest in recent years could help to explain the lack of enthusiasm among Dutch people for the rest of Europe. “I get the impression that a portion of the population is against the expansion of the European Union because we increasingly don’t get very far in the song festival,” Jules Maaten, the leader of the Dutch Liberal Party (VVD) in the European Parliament said. The Netherlands failed to qualify for a place in the final at the weekend. The Finns won with a rock song performed by monsters. The result of a poll released by the Dutch government last week showed that a majority of the population is against allowing more countries into the EU.

Boy (11) held for sex assaults

Police arrested a boy, 11, for sexually groping two girls in a swimming poll in Utrecht on Saturday. The boy was banned from the pool for five years as a result of the incident but it is unclear what if any criminal sanctions he could face, given his young age.

Whirlwind hits Dutch town

The roof of a business premises was destroyed and a goods lorry was overturned when a whirlwind hit Delflaan in the town of Noordwijkerhout on the Sunday night. Several cars and homes were also damaged, a police spokesperson said. There were no injuries during the freak weather. Insurance companies began assessing the cost of the damage on Monday.

2,000 in Walk the World

At least 2,000 people took part in the international sponsored event, Walk the World, along the North Sea coast in the Netherlands on Sunday. An estimated 750,000 people took part in similar walks in 100 countries to raise money for starving children.

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