Where to find food from home

Where to find food from home

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Living abroad you often miss the simple things from home, such as the food. No longer. here is a guide to the shops selling expat food products in the Netherlands.


Absolutely British
Eleanor Rooseveltlaan 102-104 in Amstelveen
The Expat Supermarket for Amsterdam / Amstelveen. Buy all your favourite British Foods in Amsterdam, find every thing you need for Alittle taste of home with the largest British Expat Grocer in the Netherlands.
Online orders taken. Minimum order for deliveries EUR 45.


Rozengracht 13, Amsterdam
Tel: 020 320 0710

Open: Tues-Sun 11am -8pm; Mon 1pm-8pm

Among its collection of goods from home, Arkwright's offers Colman's mustard, Duncan Hines baking products, Cheerios, Crunchy Nut corn flakes, HP sauce, Branston pickles and Crisco. They also have sausage and bacon for those who crave an English breakfast. It is fully stocked with Christmas goodies, including Christmas Cakes, puddings, Brandy sauce, double and clotted cream, Christmas crackers, selection boxes, and more. The shop opened in August 2001 and is conveniently located very close to the Westerkerk and Anne Frank House. 


British General Stores
1e Constantijn Huygenstraat 94
1054 BX Amsterdam

Tel: 020 6836191
Fax: 020 675 3518
email: lsargent@zonnet.nl
Online: www.britishstore.nl
Open Monday 13.00 TO 18.00
Tuesday to Saturday 10.30 TO 18.00
Thursday open until 21.00
Closed on Sunday



This cosy shop is much more than a grocery store. In addition to Rice Krispies, Heinz baked beans, Tetley's and Twinning teas, Oxo cubes, Vegemite and mint sauce, the shop carries English greeting cards, colouring books and toys. Baking fanatics will appreciate British baking goods such as cream of tartar and self-raising flour. Owner Lin Sargent opened the store back in 1998 and receives her customers with warmth and care. To end the year in style, the store has a selection of Christmas stockings, tree decorations and chocolates, plus some Christmas puddings. Special mail order packages are available according to the season.


Leidsestraat 48
Tel. 020 622 0305
Open. Mon-Sat 9am-6.30pm; Sun 1pm-6pm 



Homesick Americans will love Eichholtz. Here you'll find various goodies you never thought you’d see again, including the latest cereals, and Oreo and Chips Ahoy cookies. They also carry and Hellmann's mayonnaise, Quaker oats, Special K cereal, Philadelphia cream cheese, Pillsbury baking products, Aunt Jemima pancake mix, marshmallows, graham crackers and real maple syrup. If you bake a lot, you will like the range of sugars. Demerara, light muscovado and molasses. The shop is good for English-style Christmas puddings and mince pies and there is also a great range of chocolate available, plus a jar of vegemite or two for homesick Australians.



Eerste van der Helstraat 64
1072 NZ Amsterdam
Tel: 020 671 7708
Fax: 020 664 3730
Open: Mon-Sat 10am-8pm



Tjin's is an Asian grocery store (on a side street off the Albert Cuyp market) that carries American food. You’ll find microwave popcorn, Cheez Its, Duncan Hines frostings, Hershey’s chocolate syrup, Kraft and Cheltenhouse salad dressings, marshmallow Fluff, Karo corn syrup and best of all, ZipLoc bags. The store also carries ingredients for Japanese, Indian, Indonesian and Filipino cooking, and has cooked dishes (Indonesian and Surinam food) for takeaway.

Rembrandtweg 617-635
Tel: 020 643 3751


Kingsalmarkt a large, bright store filled with fresh vegetables, fruits and meats, is one of the better markets around the Amsterdam area. They stock typical Dutch grocery items but also expat favourites like cake mixes, HP sauce, breakfast scones and maple syrup.


A.A. Rutte
Bloemendaalseweg 20
2061 CK, BLoemendaal
Tel: 023 525 58 12

8:30 - 18:30 daily.
Fridays until 20:0
Saturdays until 18:00

The very friendly people at A.A. Rutte stock English and American foods such as HP Sauce, Bisquick, cake mixes, cereals (Cheerios, Cap'n Crunch, Honey Grahams), Hellman's Mayonnaise and S&W Chili Makin's. At your request they will also make special orders for items such as Log Cabin Maple Syrup. This small, well-stocked shop is worth a visit.


A taste of home (just opened!)

Gedempte Oude Gracht 42, Haarlem
(Opposite India Palace restaurant)

Taste of home: HaarlemPurveyors of Irish, British, South African and Australian fare such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate, beer, soft drinks, sausages, bacon, pork pies, pukka pies, Cornish Pasties, chocolate, crisps, biscuits, HP and Heinz sauces, Branston pickles. cakes, soups. beans and mushy peas.

All your favorite cereals and all the Christmas essentials plus much, much more!
If you can’t find it, we’ll get it!




Tucker box
Botermarkt 23
Tel: 071 5124777

An extensive range of products from Crackers, Beers, Puddings, Mince Pies, Turkeys and a whole lot more for your Christmas experience. We here at Tuckerbox hope all our customers have a 'Happy and Festive Season'.




British Corner Shop

Tel: + 44 (0) 1454 22 88 70
Fax: + 44 (0) 1454 22 89 85
Email: info@britishcornershop.co.uk
Online: www.britishcornershop.co.uk

Order online 24/7

British Corner Shop British Corner Shop is the online supermarket for expats. Established in 1999, choose from a range of over 8,000 products including all major British brands. Order from the comfort of your own home, for delivery to your door worldwide. The Netherlands is a popular shipping destination, with a large 25-30Kg parcel costing just GBP 9.99. You will find everything from British food, drink and household products to toiletries and magazines and, if you can't find what you are after, BCS will do their best to add it to their shop. Customer service is excellent. So what do you miss the most?

The Hague

Jan van der Heijdenstraat 31
Tel: 070-4151513
Saturday: 6:00 - 17:00
Tuesday - Friday: 7:00 - 19:00
Sunday: 7:00 -  13:30 

Michel, The HagueMichel is a recently opened French bakery and patisserie in the Hague. The traditional French fare --cooked or baked on the premises--includes baguettes, croissants, paté, quiche and other delicious French specialties.

Michel also caters for parties upwards of ten people, making traditional French dishes of choice.


Thomas Green's

Frederik Hendriklaan 71
2582 BT
Den Haag

Monday - 12:00 - 18:00
Tues / Wed - 09:30 - 18:00
Thurs - 09:30 - 20:00
Fri - 09:30 - 18:00
Sat - 09:30 - 17:30
Sun - 12:00 - 17:00

Email: thehague@thomasgreen.nl 
Tel: +31 (0)70 358 7586
Website: www.thomasgreens.com/

Thoman Green's is an online provider of over 650 different products from the UK, America and South Africa. You can choose from a wide selection of fresh, frozen and pantry items and have them all delivered to your front door throughout Holland. You will find all your favourite cooking ingredients here – bicarbonate of soda, baking powder as well as supercook colouring and flavouring. They have a good selection of fresh meat – British bacon and sausages, NZ legs of lamb (ideal for that Sunday roast).


Co-op Van Dijk
Ursulaland 80
2591 HA, The Hague
Tel: 070 385 64 65

Van Dijk's is a small neighbourhood supermarket with a friendly staff and the vast selection of a large chain. In addition to Dutch grocery items, they carry imported foods such as Hamburger Helper, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, Crisco vegetable shortening, baking powder, Colman's dry mustard, Karo syrup, Rowse Black Strap Molasses, Betty Crocker and Green's cake mixes. For those with a sweet tooth, they have Oreos, Foot by the Foot, Pop Tarts, Hob Nobs, Cleary's maple cream cookies, McCormick's Imagine mousse vanilla cookies, Walker's crisps, Keebler Vanilla Wafers and Club Crackers.  


Jac Bostelaar
Steenweg 21- 23, Utrecht
Tel: 030 231 4186
Open: Tues-Sat 9am-5pm


Jac Bostelaar is located on one of Utrecht's busiest shopping streets, not far from Utrecht central station. The shop, opened in 1935, could likely qualify as one of the smallest in the country and on Saturdays it's packed – it's almost s worth a trip to see how many people can fit inside. Jac Bostelaar stocks a lot of sweets, cereals, baking products, peanut butters, salad dressing and teas.


Schoutenstraat 7
3512GA Utrecht
Tel: 030 236 88 48
Open: Mon - Sat 10am-6pm; Thursday 10am-9pm
Shopping Sun 12-5pm


Italian deli with fresh salads, cheeses and a huge selection of meats, Italian wines, packaged foods from Italy and fresh baked breads. They also have fresh produce and herbs. The shop is always busy so get there early for the best selection in fresh products and salads. They carry other European goods as well. 

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Updated May 2011





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