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'Offshore Experience' at the Maritime Museum, Rotterdam

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In the 'Offshore Experience' you will go on a challenging search for energy from oil, gas and wind. You can experience what it is like at sea and at a depth of three kilometres underwater, where you can see for yourselves how offshore employees manage to do their spectacular jobs on the open sea. The wind at sea is always hard and waves are high. Do you dare?

As the worldwide transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy continues apace, the Maritime Museum Rotterdam is opening the ‘Offshore Experience’ December 16th in the presence of Marjan van Loon, CEO of Shell in the Netherlands. The exhibition is the first ever in the Netherlands about the offshore sector, in which the country is a major player: Holland’s modern-day maritime prowess, yet at the same time unknown and unloved among the general public. In this project, the Maritime Museum is not only providing a spectacular overview of the search for oil, gas and wind energy at sea, but also setting an innovative course in research, collection policy, education and funding. The 'Offshore Experience' will be open for public on December 17th. 

Maritime Museum

Maritime rocketscience

Energy is hugely important for the economy and essential for our daily lives. Without energy, we could not recharge our mobile phones, put fuel in our cars or cook our food. A lot of the energy comes from oil, gas or wind and is obtained at sea; offshore. Dutch companies are in demand throughout the world for complex high-tech offshore projects in the most dynamic conditions. After all, just how do you construct a wind turbine at sea? How do you position a 30,000-ton platform on the sea bed, accurate to the centimetre? And how do you prevent gas leaks at 3 km depth? The question for the future is not whether we will be able to drill deeper or under increasingly difficult circumstances, but about how we can be more sustainable. In a world where everyone has an opinion on energy, the Maritime Museum is offering its visitors a unique experience about energy production at sea, both now and in the future.

Visitors can experience what it is like at sea and 3 km below the surface

In the 'Offshore Experience', young and adult visitors go on a challenging search at sea for energy. Wearing a safety vest and a helmet, you'll think you're on board an offshore platform in the middle of the sea. A 360° film projection stimulates the senses. Ships come and go and helicopters land. Models of the newest and most advanced offshore ships, built specifically for the exhibition, demonstrate their capabilities to the visitors. Offshore employees offer a glimpse into their lives at sea and there are simulations so that visitors can experience for themselves how drillers, crane drivers, wind turbine specialists and helicopter pilots manage to do their spectacular jobs on the open sea, in a constant battle with the elements. A lift takes visitors down to a mysterious undersea world, from just below the surface to a depth of 3 km. The adventure ends in the future. Visitors vote for the best sustainable idea for producing energy at sea. 

Date & Time:
Saturday 17 December (exhibition will run for 7 years)
Tuesday to Saturday 10am - 5pm
Sunday and public holidays 11am - 5pm 

Maritime Museum
Leuvehaven 1
3011 EA  Rotterdam

Adults EUR 11.50
Children (aged 4-15) EUR 7.50
Museum card holders and children under 4 may enter for free

For more information, please visit:

Photo credits: Marco De Swart


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