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New at NEMO Science Museum: Technium, an exhibition floor for the makers and inventors of tomorrow

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Visitors to NEMO discover how technology enables them to shape their own world. At NEMO Science Museum you can discover how science and technology make everyday things special.

Explore five floors full of experiments, demonstrations and workshops. Get to work and discover all kinds of things: how bridges work, how we make tap water potable, what causes lightning and so much more! From the colours of the rainbow to the crackle when you take off your sweater: after visiting NEMO nothing will ever quite be the same again.

NEMO Science Museum: Technium

The Netherlands is at the international forefront in the field of technological innovation. This is why, at the renovated Technium exhibition floor, you will find exhibitions about technical developments in which the Netherlands has made its mark. Here, you can play with the power of flowing water, or learn how flood defences like the Delta Works keep us high and dry. You see how water is turned into tap-water that is fit for human consumption. Or you could build a robust structure and discover how well-known Dutch engineers go about their work. The Machine is the successor to the Machine Park, which was one of NEMO’s most popular exhibits. Here, you can get involved in a webshop’s logistical process, from door to door. While doing so, you are challenged to make sustainable choices. Using heritage items, the Innovation Gallery traces the development of technology. 


Tomorrow's talent

Technology is all around us, from massive structures like bridges and buildings to the electronics in your smartphone, and technological developments are progressing quickly. In this digital age, we can use data to analyse the world around us in minute detail and even to make limited predictions about the future. Yet even centuries-old processes, such as how we produce the energy we need, are rapidly changing. Many new talents are needed to keep up with these developments. The earlier children come into contact with science and technology, the greater the chance they will become interested in these areas, or even decide to pursue a technical course of study or to enter a technical profession. At NEMO, visitors come to understand the technology behind all this. They do so by rolling up their sleeves and getting to work, and by discovering how specific problems were solved in the past. The interactive exhibits help young and old to see the scientific principles that underpin new inventions and developments.

Innovation Gallery 

This renovated Science Museum exhibition displays a range of iconic devices from NEMO’s historical technology collection. Together, the classic technical devices displayed in the Innovation Gallery give a great impression of technological progress over the years. Here, you can see one of the first mobile phones – that wasn’t actually very portable – or a gigantic battery that is only able to power a single lamp, larger than the batteries used in cars today. This helps the youngest generation of visitors to understand exactly how technology has developed, and to see that modern technology has come a very long way indeed. Thus, for many young people, landline telephones with a dial are rather strange devices, while – when confronted with a tape recorder – the older generations reminisce fondly about the ‘good old days’ of cassette tapes.

NEMO Science Museum

NEMO is renovating 

The renovated Technium exhibition floor is part of a thorough renovation of all the museum’s exhibition floors. In addition to giving each floor a more recognizable theme, NEMO has included elements that provide a richer experience to Science Museum visitors of all generations. For instance, the exhibits are now more varied, ranging from experiments that are comprehensible to children to more in-depth material for the adult visitor. Technium’s renovation was made possible by generous support from benefactors such as the BankGiro Lottery, the Mondriaan Fund, the VSBfonds and the Prince Bernhard Cultural Fund. The Zabawas Foundation has contributed to the range of educational programmes that are being developed at Technium.


Date & Time

Tuesday to Sunday 
10am to 5:30pm 

Christmas Holidays:

24 December 2016 - 8 January 2017
Open from 10:00 to 17:30
25 December closed


NEMO Science Museum
Oosterdok 2
1011 VX 


- Visitors aged 4 and over EUR 15
- Children under 4 may enter for free
- Various card holders (Iamsterdam City Card, Museumkaart, Stadspas Amsterdam etc.) may enter for free

For more information, please visit:

Photo ©: DigiDaan


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