Expats in the Netherlands

Groups and clubs for expats in the Netherlands

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There are groups and clubs covering all interests and nationalities to help expats in the Netherlands meet new people, make friends and settle into Dutch life.

If you are living in the Netherlands, the best way to make new friends is to get out and about. Many clubs and groups exist for expats in the Netherlands, covering a wide range of interests and nationalities.

Besides arranging the practical aspects of moving to the Netherlands, it's also important to consider the social aspects of your new life. This can help reduce the effects of culture shock and isolation that some expats feel in the first months.

Find a list of groups and clubs for expats in the Netherlands depending on your interest:

Expat clubs in the Netherlands – by nationality

Australian expats in the Netherlands

French expats in the Netherlands

Indian expats in the Netherlands

Irish expats in the Netherlands

German expats in the Netherlands

Greek expats in the Netherlands

Latin American expats in the Netherlands

New Zealander expats in the Netherlands

Singaporean expats in the Netherlands

Spanish expats in the Netherlands

South African expats in the Netherlands

British expats in the Netherlands


Groups and clubs for expats in the Netherlands

Advice and information for expats in the Netherlands

Birth, babies and toddlers

Mothers' groups in Almere

Mothers' groups in Amsterdam

Mothers' groups in Delft

Mothers' groups in Den Haag

Mothers' groups in Eindhoven

Mothers' groups in Haarlem

Mothers' groups in Leiden

Mothers' groups in Rotterdam

Mothers' groups in Voorhout

Mothers' groups in Voorschoten


Clubs in the Netherlands

Business and professional clubs in the Netherlands

Culture, media and theatre for expats in the Netherlands

Gay and lesbian groups

Politics and activist clubs

Social groups and clubs for expats in the Netherlands


Groups in the Netherlands

Women's clubs in the Netherlands

Churches and religious societies

Volunteer groups in the Netherlands

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