EasyJet announces new routes

EasyJet announces new routes

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EasyJet offers eight new destinations from Schiphol, including Ibiza in Spain, Corfu in Greece and Palermo in Italy. [Contributed by easyJet]

From June 29th 2015 easyJet flies from Schiphol to Ibiza in Spain, Corfu in Greece and Palermo in Italy.

In addition to these routes, this summer it will also be possible to fly to the previously announced destinations: Dubrovnik, Olbia, Toulouse, Venice, Nice and Hamburg. All these new routes enable Generation easyJet to travel to their favourite destinations for the well-known low rates of easyJet. An one-way ticket to Ibiza, for example, starts at around EUR 43.34*. Visit the easyJet website for tickets to 28 destinations from the Netherlands.    

William Vet, commercial manager at easyJet Netherlands: “Thanks to the opening of our new base at Schiphol airport, in March 2015, we are able to serve our loyal customers even better. We offer more and more destinations from Amsterdam that are easy and cheap to fly to. From beach to city or business destinations, easyJet is the airline in the Netherlands that combines good quality with low rates and an extensive European network.”
The complete summer offer in 2015

Schiphol will become the home of three easyJet Airbus A320 aircrafts. This will increase the capacity on current routes served by an A319. Late March the first two aircrafts arrived at Schiphol Airport. The third aircraft will start flying in May. Next year the total amount of easyJet passengers travelling from and to Amsterdam will increase by 600,000 people. The capacity grows to 4.7 millions seats annually.
The new routes and continued schedules are:

Destination  Frequency 
1. Palermo  2 times a week
2. Ibiza  3 times a week
3. Corfu  2 times a week
4. Dubrovnik  2 times a week
5. Nice  7 times a week
6. Olbia (Sardinia)  2 times a week
7. Toulouse  3 times a week
8. Venice  7 times a week
9. Hamburg  6 times a week
10. Basel  16 times a week
11. Berlin  18 times a week
12. Bordeaux  7 times a week
13. Bristol  11 times a week
14. Genève  18 times a week
15. London Gatwick  49 times a week
16. Split  Entire summer 4 times a week
17. London Luton  26 times a week
18. Milan Malpensa  23 times a week
19. London Stansted  20 times a week
20. London South end  13 times a week
21. Liverpool  14 times a week
22. Rome Fiumicino  12 times a week
23. Edinburgh  9 times a week
24. Belfast  7 times a week
25. Prague 6 times a week
26. Glasgow  5 times a week
27. Lisbon  3 times a week
28. Manchester  12 times a week


*The price is based on a booking for two people with Schiphol airport as point of departure


Contributed by easyJet


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