Video: Dutch news roundup, 29 January 2011

Video: Dutch news roundup, 29 January 2011

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After a stormy two-day debate, the Dutch parliament is once again sending troops to Afghanistan. We take a look at a massive student demonstration in The Hague. We'll find out why internet gambling may become legal in the Netherlands. And couples select the gender of their next child by sending sperm to England.

Back to Afghanistan
A little more than six months ago, the Dutch military mission in Afghanistan ended. In fact, a political controversy about whether that mission would be extended led to the fall of the previous government. But now, the new government is sending a police training mission back to Afghanistan, this time to the city of Kunduz.

Massive student protest
University students around the country have taken to the streets to protest potential education budget cuts. The cabinet wants to increase the fees that student must pay for school, if it takes them too long to finish their degrees. The government says the measure is necessary but the students say the cabinet has not considered the long-term negative consequences of the move.

Legalising online gambling

Dutch internet gamblers currently play their games on websites that are set up in other countries, because online gambling businesses are not permitted in the Netherlands. But there is a proposal to change the law to allow such websites, so that the government can benefit from the tax revenues that would be generated. The plan could help the government's balance sheet, but some addiction specialists say it could also increase the number of internet gambling addicts in the country, already estimated to be as many as 70,000 individuals.

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