Video: Dutch news roundup, 21 May 2011

Video: Dutch news roundup, 21 May 2011

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On this week's show: A Dutch trucker struggles to keep illegal migrants from stowing away in his lorry, Amsterdam's football squad Ajax wins the national championship, a Dutch filmmaker enters the killzone with US Special Forces and a dairy cooperative pushes to have more Dutch cows graze outdoors.

A trucker's plight
Unrest, in northern Africa and the Arab world, is spilling over into Europe in a big way. Each month thousands of migrants flood into the EU and it's posing not only a problem for southern countries like Italy and Greece, but also for the rest of Europe, as these desperate souls try to move North by any means necessary. And now, one Dutch trucker is doing all he can to avoid the legal consequences he could face if one of these migrants secretly hitches a ride on his lorry.

Ajax wins the championship
Amsterdam's football team Ajax has won the national championship after defeating FC Twente 3-1. The victory was followed by a massive celebration in Amsterdam's Museum Square. But the festivities got out of hand, with as many as 160 people injured and over 75,000 euros in property damage.

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