Video: Dutch news roundup, 14 May 2011

Video: Dutch news roundup, 14 May 2011

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On this week's show: we visit the Westerbork concentration camp, we look at the downside of the lengthy warm and sunny spell in the Netherlands, we check out "Marijuana Liberation Day" in Amsterdam and we find out what KLM is doing with old flight attendant uniforms.

Camp Westerbork
During World War II, over 100,000 Dutch Jews were deported from the Netherlands and killed in Nazi death camps. But before being sent out of the Netherlands, they were first sent to Camp Westerbork.

Only 5,200 of the people who were imprisioned in Westerbork survived the war and most of them have now passed away, taking with them the knowledge of what life was like in the camp. But now, a new documentary has been released, containing unique footage filmed inside Westerbork by one of the Jews imprisoned there.


Normally, wet weather is a fact of life year round in the Netherlands, but this spring has been an exception to that bit of conventional wisdom. Over the past several weeks, temperatures have been unseasonably high and very little rain has fallen. As a result the ground is extreme dry. Fire officials are dealing with brush fires in several regions of the country and the drought is threatening the country's dykes.

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