Video: Dutch news roundup, 12 November 2010

Video: Dutch news roundup, 12 November 2010

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The new justice minister wants to pass a law to tackle petty crime in cities. Researchers in Utrecht think they know why the Netherlands has such a high infant mortality rate.

A group of Iraqi asylum seekers fight to stay in Holland. And the Dutch rediscover an important piece of television history.

Safety on the street
Petty street crime such as vandalism, loitering, graffiti and harassment can be a problem in urban areas in the Netherlands. Currently, the police and city authorities have some limited tools they can employ to deter this type of crime, but the new Minister of Safety and Justice Ivo Opstelten wants to give cities more power to deal with it. Opstelten is the former mayor of Rotterdam, the location of this week's show.

Saving newborns
The Netherlands has one of the highest infant mortality rates in Europe. Each year, around 1700 newborns die here. Medical researchers in Utrecht believe they know why that figure is so high. They say around 400 of those babies could be saved each year if fewer Dutch babies were delivered at home as opposed to in the hospital. This would require better communication between the various medical personnel involved in a pregnancy, so that high-risk births could be identified earlier and the expectant mothers could be told to give birth in the hospital.

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