Video: Dutch news roundup, 10 December 2010

Video: Dutch news roundup, 10 December 2010

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A WikiLeaks publication lists three sites in the Netherlands that are potential targets for terrorists. Some Orthodox Jews say they no longer feel welcome here. Cuts to care for the elderly come under fire. And we learn about the rarely spoken of problem of under-aged male prostitution.

The whistleblowers' website WikiLeaks has been making headlines by publishing confidential documents related to US diplomatic efforts. In the documents, the inner workings of American diplomacy are exposed and the affair has embarrassed the current administration in Washington. One of the more provocative revelations on the WikiLeaks site is a list of locations that are so important to US interests that they could be high-value targets for terrorists. Three of those locations are here in Holland. One is Rotterdam's harbor and the other two are towns where trans-Atlantic communications cables come ashore. One of those towns is Katwijk the setting for this week's show.

Jews no longer welcome
Despite statistical evidence that anti-Semitism is declining in the Netherlands, some Dutch Orthodox Jews say they want to leave the country because of threats and violence. And this week, a prominent right-wing politician declared that "active" Jews have no future in the Netherlands because of rising numbers of Dutch people of Moroccan descent.

Healthcare cuts

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