Amsterdam considers using ‘fake Jews’ sting

Amsterdam considers using ‘fake Jews’ sting

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Amsterdam’s interim mayor Lodewijk Asscher says he will investigate the possibility of using undercover agents posing as Jews in order to combat anti-semitism.

A spokesman said the mayor is open to unorthodox methods to end to the upsurge of violence against Jews in Amsterdam. Asscher was responding to a suggestion from Labour MP Ahmed Marcouch, himself of Moroccan parentage.
A TV programme broadcast in June by the Jewish Broadcasting Organisation showed rabbi Lody van de Kamp confronted by Moroccan youths giving the Hitler salute. The footage was recorded with a hidden camera. The rabbi and two school children went to various neighbourhoods in Amsterdam last week and were confronted not only by Hitler salutes but also by verbal abuse.

An earlier radio broadcast by the Jewish Broadcasting Organisation showed that the situation is equally serious in some other parts of the Netherlands, including the city of Rotterdam.
Ronny Naftaniel, the head of anti-semitism watchdog the Centre for Information and Documentation on Israel, says, “it has become common for Jews to hide their skull-caps on the street.” The CIDI supports Ahmed Marcouch’s initiative.
In a radio interview the Labour MP said: “I say send fake Jews to arrest the attackers. Everything must be done to keep this phenomenon from growing. It seems like small incidents, but this is serious.”
Dutch police have in the past used officers posing as gay couples in order to combat anti-gay violence.


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  • Jo Garvey posted:

    on 4th August 2010, 13:16:12 - Reply

    It is good to hear that the police will intervene against anti-Jewish sentiments or any discrimination! I wonder though do they also pose as Muslims when there is anti-Islamic discrimination on the streets? Also I absolutely agree with the above - did they ask these kids for ID? to me they are Dutch and not Moroccan - it is not just an easy way for the Dutch to push their racism onto another nationality instead of confronting it like other countries have to do - G Wilders support is an example!!

  • Nikos posted:

    on 4th August 2010, 12:25:26 - Reply

    Are you serious about this? Its just a bunch of kids and you call that Anti-semitism? Come on lets be serious. Everybody should respect each others religion but where is the terrorism mentioned in the video?
    I am really sorry this article ever made its way in Expatica.
  • brickbat posted:

    on 4th August 2010, 11:19:28 - Reply

    Just out of interest, how did they know they were Moroccan? They were yelling in Dutch. Calling them Moroccan smells of it's own kind of racism to me. Also, one kid giving a hitler salute seems pretty tame compared to the organised bureaucratic racism confronting many foreigners in Holland on a daily basis.

    Also, how bad can that salute be given that this is in front of the Olympic stadium today.