Ban on Feeding birds

Ban on feeding birds from 1 April 2018 in Amsterdam The Netherlands

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By tackling the causes of the nuisance, the City Council wants to keep the rat population under control.

On 1 April, Nieuw-West will become the first district to ban the feeding of birds such as pigeons or seagulls at the following locations:

  • Alberdagracht/Lamberus Zijlplein
  • Canal Jan de Louterpad/Frans Bastiaansestraat
  • Canal Lodewijk van Deijsselstraat/Heksenpad
  • Canal Speelmanstraat/Reine Prinsen Geerlingstraat

Fines for those caught feeding birds

The City of Amsterdam will also place prohibition signs at these locations. Those who ignore the ban risk a fine of €70.

A halt to nuisance

Feeding the birds: we all think it’s nice and cute. But the leftovers attract rats that also like to take a bite. This leads to nuisance in various parts of the city. So the City Council has agreed to a prohibition on feeding birds.

Another cause is rubbish. For instance, a refuse bag that sits outside for too long because it was deposited at the wrong time, attracts birds and rats. They tear the bag open looking for food scraps. This causes litter in the streets, another important cause of the nuisance.

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