Zero tolerance during Gay Pride

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The Public Prosecutors Office has issued a statement warning that people who engage in violent or abuse behaviour toward homosexuals during Amsterdam Gay Pride will be facing a zero tolerance policy.

In practice, this means that all suspects will be detained and that the Public Prosecutors’ Office will seek stricter sentences.

The Office has already reserved a date at the Amsterdam court on which all suspects arrested for gay bashing during Gay Pride will be tried.

The public prosecutor will automatically increase the sentence demanded against suspects accused of discrimination by 50 percent. The sentence sought by the public prosecutor will be doubled in cases involving  serious threats or physical violence.

The Public Prosecutors Office said it would “crack down hard on insults and violence against homosexuals.”

There will be an increased police presence during the street parties and Saturday’s boat parade, as well as additional security guards hired by the organisers of Gay Pride.

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  • Ken posted:

    on 8th August 2011, 15:26:25 - Reply

    Oh, it's so nice to see that the bigots are not limited to the USA! You show your ugly faces wherever you are!
  • neanderthal75 posted:

    on 6th August 2011, 09:34:37 - Reply


    Homosexuals, like Muslims, are considered by the Politically Correct Ruling Class (the Prosecutor in this case) as 'protected classes' and are indeed given more rights than the average citizen.

    This is yet another fascist move by governmental thugs using orwellian techniques to promote a radical agenda, but it is portrayed as being 'protective' of society.

    Heterosexuals do not have the same rights as homosexuals in this case; they are relegated to 2nd Class citizenship by bureaucratic fiat and thuggery.

  • Dennis posted:

    on 5th August 2011, 15:20:53 - Reply

    Surely they do not mean they will crack down on insults? Where is free speech?

    Completely agree with the need to stop violence or threat of physical violence, but certainly people who do not support gaity as a lifestyle ought to be able to peacefully protest agains the parade?

    Or do gays have more rights than us mere heterosexuals?