Zahra Bahramis daughter intimidated

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The daughter of , the Dutch-Iranian woman executed in Iran in January, has been under heavy pressure from the Iranian secret service to keep her story quiet. The report comes from Dutch-based Iranian human rights activist Sadegh Nageshkar, who is in close contact with her.

Zahra Bahrami’s daughter, Banafsheh Najebpour, lives in Tehran. She has been forbidden to talk to the press or activists and told that she or her husband will be arrested if she disobeys.

Warning Sadegh Nageshkar spoke to Zahra Bahrami’s daughter on Tuesday. In the wake of her mother’s execution and the ensuing publicity, Ms Najebpour received a warning from the intelligence service. Since then she has not dared to speak out about her mother’s death. At the same time, she hoped in vain for concessions from the authorities.

She has not been given access to her mother’s will, or personal items such as clothing. She has also been forbidden to place a headstone on Zahra Bahrami’s grave. No more than ten people are allowed to attend memorials at the graveside or at Ms Najebpour’s home, says rights activist Sadegh Nageshkar.

Dubious sexual relationships The Iranian secret service has also threatened to publish material to harm Zahra Bahrami’s reputation, Ms Nageshkar says. A television documentary is said to be in production alleging that Ms Bahrami used cocaine and was involved in dubious sexual relationships.

Sadegh Nageshkar says Ms Bahrami’s daughter is disappointed in the Dutch government. She says she has had no contact with the Dutch embassy in Tehran over the past weeks. The Dutch Foreign Ministry has told Radio Netherlands Worldwide that it will investigate the matter.

Zahra Bahrani, who had Dutch and Iranian citizenship, was hanged in Iran for drug possession and subversion on 31 January. She had previously served a jail sentence in the Netherlands for drug trafficking.


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