Young people less promiscuous than assumed

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Survey shows that young people are more cautious than previously assumed when it comes to sex.

13 March 2008

RIJSWIJK - In contrast to the impression given by the Evangelical Broadcasting organisation's programme '40 dagen zonder seks' (40 days without sex), young people are very reserved when it comes to sex.

This is what has emerged in any event from a survey of 500 16 to 25-year-olds by the sex education website

The website, which was in the news in the past because of its explicit instructional videos, says the survey shows that young people are not nearly as promiscuous as is often assumed.

"Most young people become sexually active just before they turn seventeen and do not just jump into bed with someone." The majority of the young people (62 percent) had their first sexual encounter with someone with whom they had a relationship.

"For young people sex is mainly something you do within a lasting relationship, just the two of you and without toys or other sex aids," the researchers concluded.

A small percentage, about 15 percent, had their first sexual experience with a friend or acquaintance (with whom they weren't in a romantic relationship). Only 11 percent of young people lost their virginity in a one-night-stand.

"The number of sexual partners does not indicate a promiscuous sex life either. Most young people (62 percent) have experience with one sexual partner, and 33 percent has experience with two or more. A quarter of the youth said they have had more than two sexual partners since they became sexually active."

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