Wilders warns coalition of difficult year ahead

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Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders says the cabinet will have a difficult second year in government. He says the coalition parties, the conservative VVD and Christian Democrats, will come under great pressure because of European immigration plans, possible extra cuts and instability within the Christian Democrats.

In an interview with Dutch daily exactly one year after his own party signed an agreement to support the minority cabinet in parliament, he said, “I hope that we can sit out the ride, […]  but there will be more problems than we have encountered up to now.”

Otherwise he says he is satisfied with the progress made on the points that are important to the Freedom Party PVV, which are security, reducing immigration, and employing more nursing staff.

Nevertheless, there have been problems. Last weekend Prime Minister Mark Rutte sent Immigration Minister Gerd Leers to iron out his differences with the Freedom Party leader following comments in a party newspaper that “immigration enriches society”. Mr Wilders says he still has confidence in the minister as long as the minister does what was promised under the Freedom Party’s support agreement with the coalition parties.

A recent poll showed that only 59 percent of Freedom Party voters still backed the government compared to 80 percent a year ago.

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