Wilders targets aid budget

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Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders says his recent comments are an attempt to bring down the cabinet.

However, the PVV leader warned that he will do all he can to ensure that the development aid budget is the first in line when the next round of cuts is up for consideration.

On Sunday, Deputy Economic Affairs Minister Henk Bleker drew Mr Wilders’ ire when he dismissed any suggestion that there would be any further cuts to the four billion euro aid budget.

In response, Mr Wilders tweeted that if the CDA minister continued along the path he was following, his party would end up with just four seats. The latest opinion poll gives the coalition party just 10 seats, its' lowest ever.


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  • Tara posted:

    on 24th November 2011, 08:07:04 - Reply

    The thing about him is that he seems to be ahead of the others. I attribute it to his having a better perspective on so manmy things --the way he saw the truth about Islam was a good example. . He has been right about almost everything he fights for including freedom. It is a real shame his hard work to liberate victims from Muslim wrath that foribds us the right to free speech.is not being appreciated. If he had lost in that trial all of Europe would have been affected and their rights to speak taken away .
  • osita

    on 23rd November 2011, 08:09:26 - Reply

    How is 'an attempt to bring down the cabinet' SERVING the people of this country? Calling this idiot a clown is being too kind: he is a self-serving, immature narcissist of the highest order.