Wilders receiving more threats from abroad

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Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders is increasingly being confronted with threats from outside the Netherlands. In an interview with Dutch daily on Saturday the controversial MP said at the end of last year people in the south-easternmost tip of Europe were preparing an attack.

"At the end of last year there was solid information about people somewhere in the Caucasus who were making preparations to harm me," said Mr Wilders. The reason the politician is able to reveal this incident is because the case had been resolved and there was no longer a threat. Although he said he could not go into detail. 

The threat was so serious that various scenarios were discussed. If they had not been stopped at an early stage he was told he should leave the country. "I refused. I am a politician here. I have a party to lead." He said it was up to the security team to come up with a plan to keep him safe.

Mr Wilders believes the increase in threats are due to him becoming better known internationally. There are always threats to his life, but they have increased. "A couple of years ago there were clearly fewer threats," he said. 

A spokesperson for the National Coordinator of Counter Terrorism NCTb declined to respond to Wilders' comments. "We never discuss actual threats and indications in the media and see no reason to do so now," said the spokesperson.  



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  • Hilda Gabrielli posted:

    on 13th July 2011, 13:07:06 - Reply

    I have been reading much about Islam and getting a lot of information both on the internet and reading excerpts of the Qur'an. Geert Wilders one of a few lone voices, along with some ex-muslims, crying out in the wilderness, trying to warn western societies of the real danger lurking behind this extremist socio-political fundamentalist regime. Their religion is secondary to the cause of complete domination. I just hope it's not too late to turn back the tide when it finally becomes clear to the rest of the politically correct world what this is really all about!
  • Diana posted:

    on 10th July 2011, 09:31:39 - Reply

    Wilders has sacrificed a lot to bring the truth to the people. He's been a good example to those who have been too intimidated to speak against Islamic imposition. We in America and Europe need his kind of guts now, but the trouble is too many don't seem to get it yet. They haven't realized how real Islamization is and how grateful they should be to a man like Wilders who comes out and says what needs to be said. It isn't easy to criticize Islam. Every sychophantic Muslim apologist politician thinks we should all kiss up to Islamists like they do. Well, people should get behind Geert Wilders and give him their support. He's EARNED IT !