Wilders angry about Nazi cartoon

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Freedom party leader Geert Wilders is angry at Dutch public broadcaster VARA for publishing on its website Joop.nl which compares a Freedom Party PVV plan to Nazi practices. The party recently proposed building so-called ‘scum villages’ for anti-social people. In the cartoon, the residents of such a village are being led to a shower, the same way the prisoners of Nazi destruction camps were led to ‘showers’ where they were gassed.

Mr Wilders said on Saturday it was at the VARA.

The Joop.nl website is funded by VARA, but has full editorial independence. Francisco van Jole, the website’s editor-in-chief, said Mr Wilders remarks were tantamount to blackmail and that the programme which the Freedom Party was scheduled to attend had nothing to do with Joop.nl. He said he would not remove the cartoon:

Mr van Jole said he found it odd that a politician would seek to ban this cartoon. “ He said Mr Wilders was trying to smother the debate. A VARA spokesperson said the organisation did not necessarily share the opinions presented on Joop.nl and would very much like the Freedom Party to attend Wednesday’s provincial elections debate, but had no intention of ordering Joop.nl to remove the cartoon.



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  • Khalid Ahmed Chaudry posted:

    on 13th February 2011, 12:41:36 - Reply

    I don't think VARA has done any injustice to Mr.Geert Wilders, he should have the heart and courage to accept criticism. He loves Islam Bashing and calling Islam devils religion and the Muslims as 'Terrorists', and if he is blamed for 'Nazi Practcies' he protests.

    Besides I don't have any doubts that history would judge him too 'some one who was 'anti-people', anti-globalization, anti-freedom and above all Anti-Netherlands (he is creating security issues, he is responsible for polarization,hatread,segrigation,apartheid in our beautiful country and a fantastic nation, which he loves to destroy).

    My compliments for VARA as well as for the Joop.nl and all those fellow citizens who reject and condemn Mr.Wilders A-Politics Manifesto of Polarization to devide our nation !!

    The Hague / Den Haag