Wilders accuses ministers of intimidation

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Wilders says he was subject to "an hour of intimidation" on Wednesday.

28 February 2008

THE HAGUE – Freedom Party PVV leader Geert Wilders is furious about a talk ministers Ernst Hirsch Ballin (justice) and Maxime Verhagen (foreign affairs) held with him on Wednesday afternoon regarding his film on the Koran.

"It was an hour of intimidation," Wilders said after the talk.

The politician did not want to disclose what had been said. A spokesperson for the justice ministry confirmed that a talk had taken place after reports about it on NOS Journaal.

The spokesperson would only say it was a continuation of a talk held in November last year when the government expressed its concerns about the consequences the film could have in the Netherlands and abroad.

Sources in The Hague say Hirsch Ballin, who called the meeting, has now also pointed out to Wilders that there could be legal consequences for Wilders if the film contains elements that could be considered hate inciting or blasphemous.

Insiders say Verhagen pointed out the political and economic damage the Netherlands could suffer. He also expressed serious concerns about the effects for Dutch institutions abroad.

The PVV leader expects his film will be finished at the end of this week. He will then look for a television broadcaster to air the film.

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  • Jessi posted:

    on 1st March 2008, 02:41:54 - Reply

    It boggles my mind how entirely hypocritical people can be. You should only be able to spout hatred and violence if you're a white Christian westerner? How ridiculous. And you should be able to slander vast numbers of people with racist and bigoted remarks without any repercussions? How stupid.

    Anyone who wants to put forth a message of hatred, racism, and bigotry and who will knowingly incite violence against another group of people, is wrong. It doesn't matter whether they're saying that a Jihad should be declared or the Jesus's solders should slay all non-Christians.

    The truth is that the fanatical sects of any religion is a minority. And it's incredibly idiotic to claim that they are the same. Not all Americans are the same. Not all Europeans are the same. Not all Christians are the same, nor are all Jews, or all Muslims. The world, and religions, and societies and cultures are not black and white affairs. There are many other shades and colors. Your inability to perceive these things is just that, YOUR PROBLEM.

  • eric posted:

    on 29th February 2008, 11:53:09 - Reply

    It was obvious it would come to this and that is exactly why Geert is correct in releasing this film.

    Now we will have the "moderate" muslims saying that this invites hatred against islam and pointing out that the radical muslims are not representative of islam.

    The "moderates" will be supported by all sorts of liberal/left loonies in the government and beyond.

    The outspoken supporters of free speech will support Kurt as will the silent majority of the Dutch, Danes, English etc etc.

    The "radical" muslims all over the world will start rioting and blowing things and people up.
    However this does not matter much, as these fascists will always find an excuse to feel aggrieved and that is exactly why Kurt is right to publish this film.

    As to Ballsup
  • Kim posted:

    on 29th February 2008, 04:44:01 - Reply

    Don't turn back now!

    Yea - the Middle East will end up - so called - boycotting the whole of Europe - but there is almost no one else to buy from - over there! Making Western goods and services a necessity.

    If every time Muslims threaten violence – and we buckle - they will learn - that this is the conditioned response –cowering - and to achieve a desired result - they simply have to show strong dislike or threaten violence - and Europe will roll over and do what they want.

    A Dutch group was about to make a 'Violent Bible' film - but that was scrapped as it was no comparison to the Wilders Koran film.

    They silence their own people with violence - this is Europe!