Where to find help and advice for your life in the Netherlands

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Whether you've just arrived in the Netherlands, or you've been here a while, ACCESS can help you along the way.

ACCESS has everything you need to know to help you settle easily and happily into your new life in the Netherlands. ACCESS is a not-for-profit volunteer organisation run by expats for expats.

ACCESS is a not-for-profit volunteer run organisation that offers information, advice and support to you before you arrive, when you arrive and throughout your life in the Netherlands. We can help with any query - from questions about where to live, the Dutch healthcare system, education, how to find work, to the more leisurely side of life - like where to find a beautician! You can contact us by telephone, email, and also arrange to come and see us for a personal consultation. Our service is unique as it's information shared based on the actual experience of people who have moved to the Netherlands.

There are approximately 160 ACCESS volunteers and they come from all four corners of the world, their uniting feature is that they have all relocated to the Netherlands as a result of their work, their partners work, study or as a result of meeting a Dutch partner! Because of the diversity of our volunteers, although we are an English language-operating organisation, we can offer advice in many languages.

Contact us:

0900 2 222 377    

0900 2 222 377  (local rate 20c per minute)




Think about volunteering - it's a great way to learn more about the country in which you live and meet new people

We are always looking for new ACCESS volunteers. You can use your existing skills or even learn new ones. We offer roles in client services, marketing, advertising sales, fund raising, human resources, finance, IT... in fact the roles you would expect to find in most organisations.


The ACCESSing the Netherlands USB stick

New arrivals get bombarded with so much information, our experience and research shows that they would prefer to receive the important information on a compact and light USB stick.

The ACCESS USB stick contains English language information files on:

  • Childcare and Having a Baby
  • Getting a Driving Licence
  • Housing and Accommodation
  • International Primary and Secondary Education
  • Learning Dutch
  • Public Transport
  • Starting Your Own Business
  • The Dutch Healthcare System
  • Working in the Netherlands

With over 1.5GB of free space to store your Dutch information and documents.

You can purchase the ACCESS USB stick for only €8.50 at www.access-nl.org/shop


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