Weed odour pass to help find nurseries

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A so-called weed odour pass that helps people detect cannabis nurseries will soon be made available to the general public, the Dutch association of energy suppliers, Netbeheer Nederlands, has announced.

The card will be distributed by the energy companies as part of a drive aimed at preventing the theft of electricity. The drive will be nation-wide but focus on areas where cannabis nurseries tend to concentrate. In November, the national Anti-Cannabis Growers Taskforce sent such a card to 30,000 households in Rotterdam and The Hague. Many nurseries are dismantled thanks to tip-offs by local residents, a spokesperson said.

In addition to the odour, which is released by scratching, the card contains information on other tell-tale signs of cannabis nurseries, such as humming ventilators, curtains that are drawn day and night and abandoned houses where people come and go once in a while.

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