War and terrorism issues are top concerns

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Terrorism and war are the two international issues that Dutch are most concerned about, says national survey.

2 May 2008

THE NETHERLANDS - A national survey just published shows that terrorism and war are the two international issues that Dutch are most concerned about, followed by the environment and health.

The survey was carried out by the National Committee for the Dutch Remembrance and Liberation Days which are celebrated on 4 and 5 May in The Netherlands.

The National Committee’s mandate includes increasing the topical relevance of these national events by linking them to present-day social discussions on freedom, solidarity and tolerance.
The findings show that eight out of 10 Dutch people think there will never be world peace. When asked about what would be needed to achieve it, the respondents mentioned the fairer distribution of goods, fighting dictatorships and making good education available to all.

Three quarters of those interviewed believe that people in The Netherlands show less solidarity with each other compared to 20 years ago. A majority said that freedom could be at risk if people stop showing consideration for one another.

Another important finding of the survey is that the Dutch view of Germany is no longer influenced by World War II.

Ninety percent of those questioned said the Second World War does not have a negative influence on their opinion of their German neighbours, while half admit that this used to be the case.

The survey also shows that public support remains strong for the tradition of remembering the Netherlands' war dead each year on 4 May and celebrating the country's liberation from German occupation on 5 May.

Over 80 percent believe these special occasions should continue to be observed in the future.

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