Visiting illegal prostitutes to be made a crime

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Dutch ministers want to make visits to illegal prostitutes punishable by law.

The Hague – Clients of prostitutes not registered with the authorities may soon find themselves guilty of committing an offence, reported Trouw on Friday.

The legislation, which has yet to be approved by parliament, is proposed by Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin and Interior Minister Guusje ter Horst who want to make it illegal to visit unregistered prostitutes.

The draft law also includes setting up a national register of prostitutes. Prostitutes who do not register with the authorities can face criminal charges.

The proposal is aimed at eliminating abuse and reducing human trafficking in the prostitution sector.

An earlier measure in 2000 which make brothels legal only partially helped improve working conditions for prostitutes.

The aim of the registration system is to help the authorities clamp down on human trafficking and tax evasion. Brothels have been legal in the Netherlands since 2000.

Radio Netherlands / Expatica

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