Violent robbery warranted Dutch armys help

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Deputy Prime Minister Maxime Verhagen has questioned why the army was not deployed during a violent robbery in Amsterdam. On Wednesday night, thieves armed with automatic weapons raided the depot of money transport company, Brinks.

On television programme Knevel & Van den Brink, the minister said he agreed with military union AFMP’s assessment that the situation was so violent the army should have been immediately called to aid police.

The armed robbers used explosives to blow a hole in the Brinks depot wall. When police arrived at the scene, they were held off by gunmen armed with automatic weapons. A high speed car chase ensued, resulting in a car crash between Utrecht and Eindhoven and an innocent motorist being forced to hand over his keys at gunpoint.  

Police reportedly called off the chase as the conditions turned more dangerous. The thieves were clocking speeds of 240 kilometers and severe weather hindered search efforts. A reported 75,000 bolts of lightning struck the Netherlands during the course of the evening.

Minister Verhagen said he would discuss the matter further with the cabinet.

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