Village fuming at holocaust fence

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A resident of the Dutch village of Bentveld has infuriated his neighbours by installing a fence which they claim refers to the holocaust.

The gateway is a sculpture by a renowned art and design collective, Studio Job. The two pillars on either side are reminiscent of chimneys connected by an arch of smoke. The fencing incorporates barbed wire. “The fence refers to the Nazis and the burning of the Jews,” says residents’ spokesman Gerard Post. “The smoking chimneys remind us of the chimneys of the death camps.”

“In the bell bearing the Latin text Suum cuique we see a reference to the concentration camp Buchenwald,” Mr Post adds. “Far from pleasant to walk past this every day.”

The residents are demanding a halt to the construction. They now have the backing of the Centre for Information and Documentation Israel CIDI.

But Studio Job says the Bentveld residents have got the wrong end of the stick about the artwork. “It’s extremely saddening that the fence is being compared to the Holocaust, because that isn’t our intention,” a spokesperson said. The artist is appealing to be given the freedom to create the sculpture she has conceived.

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