Verhagen fears US protectionism

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Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen fears that President Obama's policy could lead to more protectionism

8 November 2008


 THE NETHERLANDS - Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen fears that the enormous economic problems facing United States President-elect Barack Obama could lead him down the path of protectionism.

The minister made the statement on a Dutch radio programme.

The foreign minister thinks the new president could end up ignoring world problems in order to focus on domestic issues.

Mr Verhagen says Europe should take the initiative and propose a partnership with the US.

The Dutch foreign minister said he discussed the matter with European colleagues earlier this week.

[Radio Netherlands / Expatica]

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  • Breezerb06 posted:

    on 12th November 2008, 21:20:49 - Reply

    Hmmm, getting your own house in order before you go out to clean the neighbors yard is a sound idea. The Bush government and America's congressional members have neglected this country far too much and far too long. It's time we first fix our health care system, our roads/bridges, our schools, our environment, and our economy before we try to fix other countries' problems.
  • Mo Ron posted:

    on 9th November 2008, 07:52:27 - Reply

    Nonsense. When are the Dutch going to get rid of their own do-nothing pathetic government like the Americans have done?