Verburg: food waste alarming

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On Monday Former Dutch Agriculture Minister Gerda Verburg will open a conference on food waste in the Dutch city of Den Bosch. Consumers in rich countries throw out some 222 million tons of food every year.

The amount equals that of the annual food production of sub-Saharan Africa, according to a recent report by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation. The huge waste is all the more alarming in view of the continuing growth of the world population and the limited resources available to feed so many. This week the UN declared the planet now has seven billion inhabitants. 

In her opening speech, Ms Verburg, Holland’s ambassador to FAO, will call for a “radical change” so people will pause and think before throwing out any more food. Reducing food wastage, she will argue, is far more effective to feed everyone than cranking up global food production even further. cl

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