Van der Sloots lawyer seeks short sentence

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Joran van der Sloot’s lawyer says his client killed Stephany Flores ‘in a fit of rage’. Máximo Altez argues this means it was manslaughter, not murder.

Mr Altez made this statement on the Peruvian television show . He said there was no premeditated plan to kill Stephany; the two got into an argument after Stephany had looked at Joran’s laptop: “They started pushing each other and that is why it happened.”

Under Peruvian law, manslaughter in a fit of rage carries a prison sentence of between three and five years. Joran van der Sloot will face a 25-year sentence if he is convicted of murder.

Mr Altez pointed out that Joran van der Sloot still has not been able to make a statement because no interpreter has been made available. The lawyer says he has already filed several complaints about the situation.

Earlier, the Dutch foreign ministry told Radio Netherlands Worldwide that the Peruvian authorities must provide an interpreter and that it was Van der Sloot’s lawyer’s responsibility to insist they do so.

The lawyer representing the victim’s next of kin say Altez’ new strategy does not stand a chance. Joran van der Sloot has been detained in the Castro Castro prison in Lima since June 2010. He is accused of killing Stephany Flores on 30 May 2010. Her body was found in a hotel room booked in Joran’s name. He fled Peru and was later arrested in neighbouring Chile.


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