VVD warns of recession

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Mark Rutte says the cabinet must stop raising taxes.

11 January 2008

HILVERSUM – The cabinet is heading the country into a recession and must be stopped, leader of the Liberal VVD party Mark Rutte said on the television programme Goedemorgen Nederland on Friday.

Rutte says the cabinet must stop raising taxes and pay more attention to matters like security, integration and traffic congestion.

Rutte referred to slowing economic growth, rising inflation predicted by the Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis, falling consumer confidence and the rise in the oil price. He says the Netherlands is not immune to recession threatening in the US.

"Many people will be worse off as a result of the cabinet policy. In addition to this inflation is rising dramatically. People have less to spend as a result. Combined that is disastrous for consumer confidence and the economy", Rutte said. He hopes that a poster campaign launched earlier this week can help change the cabinet's mind.

Rutte also said it was "scandalous" that the Antilles Parliament refused to meet with a delegation of Dutch MPs, simply because one Dutch MP of the Freedom Party PVV wants to sever ties with the Antilles.

The VVD thinks that the Antilles should follow through on its commitments to the Netherlands regarding debt restructuring and monitoring of this process. If that does not take place then the Antilles should come under the direct authority of The Hague, Rutte said.

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