Utrecht council adopts motion against homophobia

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The Utrecht city council has unanimously adopted a motion condemning harassment, bullying and homophobia. The motion urges the mayor and the executive board to put measures into place against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Councillors pointed to a recent incident in which a gay man felt threatened in his home. Mayor Aleid Wolfsen told the council that in this case there was no link between the harassment and the victim’s sexual orientation. However, councillors said it was no longer a matter of isolated incidents.

They called on the mayor to find a solution and to draw up a protocol for dealing with complaints regarding discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Mayor Wolfsen told councillors that the threats and vandalism against a gay man in Utrecht, which prompted the victim to leave his home, were not directed against the victim’s sexual orientation.

The Utrecht police have since apprehended the perpetrator, who has confessed to committing the acts. The mayor said the accused has a history of launching into tirades against all kinds of people in his neighbourhood. Mr Wolfsen said the insults and threats he made against his gay victim formed part of his standard repertoire.



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  • JR Bailey posted:

    on 5th November 2010, 16:13:55 - Reply

    In other words, no crime based on the guy being a homosexual took place, but because the guy's a homosexual, the Utrecht City Council wants to create a Special Class of persons with better protection under the law, based on their sexual choices and sexual identities.

    I see.

    This position by the Utrecht City Council is just the opposite of democratic principle, the Rule of Law, and common sense: either all citizens deserve equal protection under the Law, or none do.

    The Mayor and police have publicly stipulated the guy who broke into the homosexual's apartment was a Lunatic and treated the homosexual in EXACTLY the SAME MANNER as he treated non-homosexuals.

    Surely this disproves the entire premise set forth by the Utrecht City Council in demanding that Special Rights be accorded to homosexuals as a group, thereby giving them unfair advantage under both the law and for police protection.

    Apparently I have been under the misapprehension that Niederland was a country based in the Rule of Law and the Universal Application thereof.

    My bad.