Unravelling the secrets of the menopause

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It may in future be possible to control the menopause and enable women who enter menopause at an early age to have children. A team of researchers led by Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam announced on Monday that it has unravelled some of the secrets governing the duration of female fertility, including genetic variations.

They conclude that insights into the mechanisms behind the start of the menopause can produce better predictions regarding diseases of old age such as osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. A connection between geriatrics and fertility was discovered in previous research.

Women who experience menopause at an early age have a greater risk of developing ailments associated with old age. Around one woman in a hundred enters the menopause at an extremely early age. Women who experience the menopause relatively later in life, on the other hand, have an increased chance of breast cancer.

The results of the research are expected to be useful in future prevention of these diseases.

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