Unique burial site discovered in the Netherlands

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Archaeologists have discovered a mass grave containing the remains of between 35 and 50 horses in Borgharen, a village in the south of the Netherlands. Carbon-14 dating of the bones revealed that they are from the 16th or 17th century.


It is the first time that a mass burial site with so many horses has been found in Western Europe. Archaeologists have posited that the animals may have been killed during the 80 years War 1568 to 1648 or during the 1673 siege of Maastricht.

Archaeologist Angela Simons, who is coordinating the dig, said the remains were stacked in a 40 metre long ditch: "We've excavated several almost complete skeletons as well as a number of horseshoes. We haven't found any bridles or saddles so far". Archaeologists say it is the largest such find in Western Europe.



Photo:Jac Beekers

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