Underage still drinking in Holland

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Despite government campaigns against underage drinking, it’s still quite easy for youngsters in the Netherlands to get their hands on alcohol, research shows.

Twente University researchers say that, in over 50 percent of cases, no attempt is made by those selling drink to find out how old their customers are. The age limit for drinks up to 15 percent alcohol is 16, and for stronger drinks is 18.

The research saw 58 young people aged 14 and 15 make a total of 1338 attempts to buy alcohol at supermarkets, off-licences and liquor stores, restaurants and bars, sports canteens and from home delivery services. More than half the attempts succeeded, with the figure rising to 70 percent in the case of supermarkets.

The researchers were surprised that ID was asked for and provided in many cases. Despite the document showing the purchaser was under the age limit, the sales often went ahead.

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