US court orders release of Gonggrijp data

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The US federal court has ordered Twitter hand over data from three users connected to the whistleblower website Wikileaks. Among the three is Dutch hacker and internet activist Rop Gonggrijp.

The ruling also orders the social media site to reveal any Direct Messages private messages sent to and from the individuals, their IP addresses and credit card data. 

The three are suspected of being associated with Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange. They are also alleged to be involved in the public release of thousands of secret official reports on the site.

Gonggrijp maintains he has nothing of interest to the US authorities. “I don’t use Twitter much and I’ve never received or sent a Direct Message via Twitter. What Twitter’s got on me isn’t very spectacular.”  

According to him, there are bigger things at stake from the ruling. “This is not a good turn for online privacy.”

In addition to Gonggrijp, the ruling affects American Jacob Appelbaum and Icelandic parliament member Brigitta Jonsdottir.

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