Twitteren is Dutch word of 2009

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The Dutch have elected the verb of sending messages via the Twitter website as word of the year.

Utrecht – The verb ‘twitteren’ has been voted by the Dutch foundation, Onze Taal, as the most popular addition to the Dutch language.

About 30 percent voted for twitteren at a conference in Utrecht.

The verb means to tweet or send free messages containing up to 140 characters on a social networking website, Twitter.

Other popular words that were voted are 'kopvoddentaks' (head-covering tax - a word created following a proposal by populist right-wing leader Geert Wilders to tax Muslim women who wear head scarves), koninginnedagdrama, a reference to the attack on the royal family during this year's Queen's Day celebrations, vaccination angst and vuvuzela.

A vuvuzela is a metre-long horn, usually made of plastic, which South African football supporters blow during matches. There have been attempts to ban the vuvuzela during World Cup matches; however the South African Football Federation argues that the instrument is an essential part of South African football.

The Dutch word for 2008 was swaffelen, a word imported from English. Swaffelen means to swing one's penis, making it bump against something, in order to stimulate either oneself or someone else.
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