Trust in Dutch cabinet on the rise

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Trust in the Dutch government is growing, with approval ratings rising from 46 percent in the third quarter to 52 percent in the fourth, according to figures released by the Institute for Social Research.

Among liberal VVD voters ratings soared from 51 to 71 percent and among anti-Islam PVV voters from 20 to 45 percent. Socialist Party voters also gave the government better ratings. Ratings dropped among Labour, Democrat 66 and Green Left voters. Christian Democrat ratings remained unchanged at 73 percent. The cabinet is made up of the VVD and the CDA with PVV support in parliament.

The Institute for Social Research emphasises that political discontent remains constant among all voters. Even supporters of the cabinet sometimes voice doubt it will be able to realise its plans.

Insight into the budget cuts the cabinet intends to introduce and the ways it wants to carry them out have also improved, the institute concludes.

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