Tropical Institute gives in to government pressure

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The Royal Dutch Tropical Institute has decided to lower the salary of its board chairman. In doing so, it has given in to pressure from the government to lower pay in exchange for subsidies. The minority conservative VVD and Christian Democrat government had threatened to cut subsidies to the renowned Tropical Institute, if its top salary continued to exceed the pay of a ministry director general 124,000 euros gross.

Last week, Deputy Development Minister Ben Knapen said he would intervene in two organisations that had so far failed to lower top salaries, development organisation SNV and the Tropical Institute. Yesterday, a majority of MPs voted to cut funds to the intitute.

The decision is the outcome of a meeting earlier today between officials from the institute and the deputy minister. It will take affect on 1 January.

So far the SNV has declined to follow suit saying it will wait for a letter from the deputy minister.



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