Train drivers leave suicide woman to die

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Two train drivers and one conductor from Dutch rail transport company NS left a woman to die on her own along the railway track. The three employees have been taken in for questioning by the railroad police, a spokesman from the National Police Services Agency KLPD confirmed on Thursday.

On 7 August one of the train drivers was alerted by a colleague who had driven an earlier train that an injured woman lay along the track. It’s likely the woman, who wanted to commit suicide, was hit by the train. The NS personnel stopped the train and two of them investigated the scene. They saw a badly injured woman lying down and called emergency services. The NS staff then drove on again before an ambulance had arrived, which contravenes regulations.

The NS has launched an investigation. The three employees have not been suspended, but have been “relieved of their duties” when the inquiry is going on. They will not be prosecuted, as any help they could have offered would not have changed the outcome. The woman died later in hospital.

A whistleblower reported the incident to freesheet Spits. The paper claimed the NS wanted to avoid the story becoming public.

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