Traditional post offices to close

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Postal company TNT and ING bank are going to close 250 traditional post offices in the Netherlands.

5 March 2008

THE HAGUE/AMSTERDAM – Postal company TNT and ING bank are going to close 250 traditional post offices in the Netherlands. 1,850 jobs will be lost, the companies, both 50-percent owners of Postkantoren BV, announced Wednesday.

The jobs will disappear in the coming five years. TNT and ING want to keep "compulsory dismissals to a minimum," director at ING Bart Schlatmann said. These post offices are the last in the Netherlands. The number has already been reduced from more than 2,000 locations to the current 250 over the past years.

ING is reserving a sum of EUR 87 million to finance redundancy packages. A spokesperson for trade union CNV Dienstenbond says TNT will make a similar amount available.

"This is an extremely difficult message to send to people. They are entering an entirely uncertain period in the coming five years. We will try to avoid compulsory dismissals," said the spokesperson for CNV.

In order to keep service provision to customers on level, TNT will open an additional 750 sales points in shops in the coming years. There are currently 1,850. ING and TNT together have another 550 sales points in shops.

ING will convert Postbank locations into ING bank locations in the coming years, as was announced earlier. This involves 283 branches. The company is setting aside EUR 175 million for this operation. It was announced earlier that the scrapping of the Postbank brand will involve the loss of 2,500 jobs.

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  • Jake posted:

    on 7th March 2008, 22:11:26 - Reply

    Another STUPID idea. There used to be branch post offices and branch Postbanks in shops but they were closed about 3 years ago, depriving honest shop keepers of an income. Now they will close the real post offices and open in-shop post kiosks run by people who know nothing about postal services or banking services. How dumb can TNT and ING bank be???????