Top earners take biggest slice of public pie

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People with the highest incomes benefit the most from government funding. Middle income groups profit the least.

The report Less for the middle: profiting from the government in 2007 published on Monday by the Netherlands Institute for Social Research SCP points out that, on average, middle income groups received 6,600 euro from public funds in 2007. That compares with 7,700 euros for lower income groups and 11,500 euros for the top earners.

The well-off profit slightly less these days than they once did. In 1991 they received 45 percent of all funds earmarked for public facilities like education, healthcare and public transport. In 2007 it was down to 38 percent.

The SCP looked at 34 areas of funding totalling 64 billion euros, an average of 7,850 euros per household.

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