The welfare state is dead, long live community involvement

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"The classic welfare state will disappear," King Willem-Alexander said on September 17 in the annual Prinsjesdag or Prince's Day speech pronounced before both houses of Parliament.

 The welfare state is dead, long live community involvement
De Volkskrant

He added, however, that "all those who are able, are asked to take responsibility for their own lives and for those of their entourage".

Through this speech, says Dutch daily De Volkskrant, "Mark Rutte's (Liberal) government asked Dutch citizens for time, patience and help," because, although purchasing power is still falling and unemployment and public spending (€466bn, or more than 76 per cent of GDP) are rising, it needs -

The welfare state is dead, long live community involvementtime to attend to the economic recovery. Patience because results are achieved little by little. And help from the opposition, NGOs and common Dutch people who will have to pay and do more.

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  • elvis posted:

    on 20th September 2013, 11:23:39 - Reply

    @Simon: The tax money is still needed for the oversized government of the tiny netherlands as well as JSFs that are supposedly help dutch fight their neighbors.
  • Bruce posted:

    on 20th September 2013, 10:48:25 - Reply

    Will the King be asked to dip into his pocket to help out when the 'common Dutch people' have to pay more? Answers on a postcard...
  • Simon Sys posted:

    on 19th September 2013, 17:59:38 - Reply

    So presumably the government wont need that 52% tax social security payments any more?